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Claire shares the transformational practices of Qigong, Taijiquan, and Dance. She teaches workshops, group classes, and private sessions online and in-person in Toronto, Guelph, and abroad.

POTENTIAL & POWER: Qigong, Taijiquan, Baguazhang, The Axis Syllabus


Summer Workshop in Toronto

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Axis Syllabus Workshop

WEDNESDAY June 26th, 2024

Evening Workshop with Kerwin Barrington & Claire Reid

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Qigong for Potential

TUESDAYS April 23 - June 11, 2024 (*no class May 21)

Online Weekly Qigong class

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Women’s Qigong Weekly

THURSDAYS May 2 - June 13, 2024 (*no class May 16)

6-week Series Online

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Women’s Qigong Workshop

SATURDAY May 25, 2024

Energy Cultivation for Women

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FINDING YOUR FOOTING ~ Axis Syllabus explorations


Embodied investigation of the foot in motion

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Private Classes


One-on-one sessions for your personal journey of transformation

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"My joy is helping people discover deeper connections and empowerment through movement."


"The integrity and skill Claire brings to her teaching is incredibly satisfying and useful. Through her critical understanding of the body in motion she is able to analyze and convey subtleties of internal martial arts in ways that are so practical. Her contagious joy for movement is wonderful to experience. If you have an opportunity to study with her, don’t pass it up!" ~ L. Greco, RMT, CST, Osteopathy
"When I found Claire's dance classes I finally found a safe space where I could explore my body, mind, emotions and spirit without the rigidity that I had experienced in traditional dance classes, nor any ounce of body shaming! Her classes helped me to embrace my body as it is while also pushing my limits to explore its beauty and the miraculous things it is capable of. I considered her classes a type of therapy for me. Always leaving them feeling rejuvenated, alive and at peace with myself and the turmoils of life. On a practical level, her classes have assisted me tremendously to respect and nurture my body's natural alignment. I continue to apply the movement principles I learned in her class on a daily basis." ~ Caitlin Lindsay, Registered Nurse/mental health nurse and mother of two
"I absolutely love taking dance classes with Claire and I’ve been taking them for over seven years now. Claire creates a wonderfully welcoming and fun space for people of all backgrounds and levels, which is part of what got me hooked at the very beginning. Throughout the years, I’ve learned so much about how my body is designed to move, and how to work with my body fluidly and in a place of integrity—both in dance and in my daily life. And it always feels so good to do. The choreography we learn is beautiful and challenging in all the best ways, and Claire also carefully selects the best music for us to move to. I can’t recommend Claire and her classes enough!" ~ Rebecca A., Actor
"Claire is a patient and generous teacher with a wealth of knowledge from her years of experience as a dancer, martial artist, and student. As a dancer myself taking Claire's classes has introduced a new vocabulary of movement into my work, and pushed me to challenge my ways of thinking about and executing dance movement. As someone who suffers from chronic lower back pain from an injury her classes have opened my awareness to a new way of managing pain, as well as teaching me ways to protect my body from further injury though load distribution and ideal movement pathways." ~ Sarah H., Accountant & Belly dancer
"Claire is a deeply knowledgeable teacher who guides her students with patience and compassion to explore movement and their bodies in new ways. As a dancer, I've learned so much about human anatomy and movement from Claire. Her knowledge has helped me work through old injuries, find more easeful movement paths, and create stability in my body, while opening up to joyful and creative expression." ~ Andrea H., member of Lavish Dance Company
"The classes I've taken with Claire have had a profound effect on my understanding of the body, and the ways I think about and move my body. Her instruction is always incredibly informative, and she is a supportive, thorough and thoughtful teacher. I cannot recommend studying with her enough!" ~ Audra Simmons, Owner and director of The Dark Side Studio
"Claire fosters a supportive learning environment, where, as a new student, I could take the time to explore new concepts and movement pathways without judgment. Over the weeks, I noticed that my movements came more easily and with a greater range of motion, with less stress on joints or particular parts of the body. I look forward to learning more!" ~ Laura T., Research Analyst
"Claire is a knowledgeable, powerful, and delightful teacher of movement, qigong, and tai chi. Her years of training and commitment to the art is evident in how she teaches from such an embodied place. She is clear enough to keep classes engaging, relevant, and at a good pace and shows up with a vibrant and inclusive energy." ~ Sonja den Elzen, Zen Shiatsu Therapist, Student Acupuncturist, 500RYT Yoga Instructor
"Taking Qi Gong with Claire has been a very valuable experience. It has given tools to create space and calm in my otherwise hectic and high-paced life. Claire is a knowledgable instructor who has has a bright and positive energy that will stay with you even once the class is over." ~ J.Jang, Web Developer and Student
"I’ve taken several Qigong classes with Claire in the past 2 years and found her to be a wonderfully attentive and accommodating teacher. Her calming and uplifting energy always sets a peaceful, joyful tone among students. I couldn’t recommend a better qigong/tai chi teacher, especially if you enjoy an embodied approach to learning!" ~ Karen T., Technology Risk Management

About Claire

Claire Turner Reid is a movement artist and educator with a background in Dance, Internal Martial Arts, Chinese Medicine, and Theatre. Drawing on her diverse experience, Claire uses movement and healing practices to deepen awareness, honour the integrity of the body, and enrich inter-relational possibilities.

Her certifications include:

  • Certified Teacher of the Axis Syllabus
  • Certified Spiritwind Internal Arts Qigong, Taijiquan, and Dao In Lung Shen Instructor
  • Certified Level I & Level II Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong Instructor
  • Diploma of Acupuncture – OCTCM Toronto
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting – University of Windsor

Claire has been a member of Spiritwind Internal Arts since 2010 where she trains in Qigong, Taijiquan, Baguazhang, and Gongfu. Claire has been on faculty at the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as a Qigong Instructor since 2017 and has been teaching movement and dance classes independently since 2009. Among her work with various communities, Claire taught Taijiquan to teens at Trails Youth Initiatives, has volunteered teaching Taijiquan at the Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Men’s Shelter, and has been a fundraising auction contributor for the Toronto Environmental Alliance. She currently teaches Qigong, Taijiquan, and Falling Prevention and Negotiation at Evergreen Seniors Centre in Guelph.

She is grateful to her father for being her first Qigong teacher and teaching her push hands as a kid, and for the lineages shared by her teachers and mentors, Sifu Dylan Kirk, Sifu Chik Qadir Mason, Daisy Lee, and David Earle. Along with many theatre credits, she has performed with dance companies Dancetheatre David Earle, Being Human Dance, Je Suis Julio, and has collaborated with artists Andrea Spaziani, Robert Kingsbury, Meagan O’Shea, Janet Johnson, and Alice Irene Whittaker-Cumming.

Photo by R. Kolewe

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