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FINDING YOUR FOOTING ~ Axis Syllabus explorations

Guided by information in the Axis Syllabus, this class invites participants into an embodied exploration of the anatomy and biomechanics of THE FOOT.

The goal is to increase INFORMED CHOICE-MAKING for your moving body by bringing more AWARENESS, CURIOSITY, and CONTEXTUAL FRAMING to your unique structure. This may be transferred to any movement you engage in: walking, running, dancing, martial arts, etc ~

Class will include:
– guided investigation of the structure and biomechanics of the foot relating to locomotion and dynamic movement with the use of anatomical images & models
– embodied explorations, bringing the theoretical investigation into relation with our unique structures
– movement motifs/phrases/choreography to further embodied exploration
– dancing to music

Claire is a teacher candidate with the Axis Syllabus International Research Meshwork.