Category: Qi Gong

On Having Brothers Along the Path

One of the most heartening ways that I learned to love my body was through the encouragement from my kung fu brothers. I recall a hilarious and powerful moment when I was just starting to learn Taijiquan Push Hands – a two-person contact practice that cultivates whole-body listening and teaches rooting… I was pushing hands… Read more »

On Having Sisters Along the Path

When I first started training with Spiritwind Internal Arts, there were some amazing women at the school. Reflecting back, I now realize just how special this was… Training kung fu with these women was magical. Their sensitivity and power was awesome. One moment they would be so soft and gentle and the next, they could… Read more »

On Cultivating Inner Power

So much shifted for me since beginning training with Spiritwind Internal Arts, the Internal Martial Arts school I’m part of. One particular memory is forever seared into my mind… It was a moment, soon after taking my first discipleship test. I was walking home through a park alone after dusk. And all of a sudden… Read more »