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Welcome Woman ~

How are your bones? How is your marrow? How is your multi-dimensional self? How is the polishing of the mirror of your mind? Are you forming new bridges between matter and spirit? Between seen and unseen? Unveil the bridge, welcome ancient wisdom of the ages, and wash the mind so that you may receive the clarity of this connection. Welcome the bright mist of light into your spinal cord and brain so that the crystal clear wisdom may pour through.

image: “Ancient Ones” by Autumn Skye


“Before our body existed,
One energy was already there.
Like jade, more lustrous as it’s polished
Like gold, brighter as it’s refined,
Sweep clear the ocean of birth and death,
Stay firm by the door of total mastery,
A particle at the point of open awareness,
The gentle firing is warm.”

poem: by Sun Bu’erĀ