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Here are¬†your home task explorations for this week…

With gratitude and sensorial awakening ~


    • ~ Are shadow aspects of the Lover operating in any areas of my life? (the Seductress and/or the Frigid) AND/OR am I highly judgemental when I perceive these aspects in others?
    • ~ If yes, dig for the needs and desires of the shadow aspects ~ for example: does the Seductress have a deep wish for intimacy and celebration of sensuality? Does the Frigid have deep fear of backlash when expressing herself sensually? Become curious as a way to invite empathy and embracing these parts back into wholeness.


  • ~ Invite yourself to attune to simple sensual delights throughout each day – feel the way the texture of your clothes caresses your skin, feel the way your mouth and tongue move when you speak, let sounds, sights, and aromas tickle and enliven your whole being.

~ Practice breast massage and ovary massage as a way to deepen your connection to your sensual self – honour whatever sensation arises, without expectation, practicing presence and self-acceptance. As you practice massage, set the intention to affirm your internal connection to your sensuality/sexuality by inviting it to provide healing and to heighten your connection to the sacred.

~ Practice the postures we’ve done together so far, inviting full feeling of all sensation while in practice.