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Wishing you rich explorations this week!

With gratitude and limitless potential ~


    • ~ what seeds am I sowing now? where is my mind dwelling now? do I wish to refocus my mind to dwell elsewhere and sow new seeds? (where the mind dwells is the reality it creates).
    • ~ what fires do I wish to tend for this new year? what embers must be stirred and what ashes offered to the wind? what to stoke and what to be released?
    • ~ where am I placing unnecessary limitations with my mind? what happens if I lift the lid and allow for no utmost point, no limit? 


  • ~ Practice breathing in pure being each day. Notice where the mind dwells. Can you practice Being and Breathing without seeking, changing, judging? Practice a “Wide Window of Welcome” (this is an expression from Sarah Peyton).

~ Practice the postures we’ve done together so far, inviting Wuji, no limitation & connection to the infinite ~