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Here are your home task explorations for this week…

With gratitude and heart expansion ~



  • ~ what do I find most appealing about the Lover/Aphrodite archetype?
  • ~ how is Lover energy activated and/or disconnected in me now?
  • ~ what is one specific way in which I wish to invite Lover energy more fully into my life now? 
  • ~ what are my views/experiences/judgements around: sensuality? sexuality? playfulness? passion? intimacy? beauty? 
  • ~ what is one thing that is inhibiting me from experiencing the fullness of my sensuality that I have the power to change? Choose something enjoyable, actionable, and manageable! (For example, if it’s “time” well, you can’t control that. If it’s something related to a traumatic experience, I recommend first seeking the help of a professional who can offer support through the process. As an example of something appropriate for this exercise, I offer my choice which is “the tension around my lips and mouth” and have chosen a role model for inspiration in helping me to invite freedom softness fullness aliveness and sensuality in place of the tension). 



  • ~  Practice breast massage every day. Explore what sensually arouses you and practice connecting that aroused energy through your glands (as we did in class, moving from pineal, to pituitary, to thyroid, to thymus, to pancreas, to adrenals, to ovaries).   
  • ~ Practice “Crowning the Heart”. If you don’t recall the full details, it’s ok, we’ll review next class. In the meantime you can simply practice energetically inviting the energy cultivated in breast massage/gland qi to continue to expand into a golden flower at the heart centre between the breasts.
  • ~ Find an image/model/persona that reflects what is most enlivening to you about the Lover. Remember it doesn’t have to be female, doesn’t even have to be a person necessarily, though it may be helpful to have a human-ish representation to connect to. Place this image in a predominant spot where you can connect to it each day.