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Here are your home task explorations for this week…

With gratitude and heart.



  • ~ Are shadow aspects of the Amazon operating in any areas of my life? (the Vigilante and/or the Victim). Dig for the needs and desires of the shadow aspects ~ does the Vigilante have a deep wish for justice in the world? Does the Victim have deep fear and a wish for support?
  • ~ if Vigilante is present, how might I invite more compassion and empathy into my Warriorship?
  • ~ if Victim is present, how might I invite more boundary work, competence, and empowerment into my life? 
  • ~ For the previous two questions, come up with solid, actionable invitations for yourself – for example, if there is a relationship you have where Vigilante shows up, an actionable way to invite empathy might be to exercise curiosity about the other person and ask them questions about where they’re coming from.



  • ~ Each day, take time to connect to your crown point and envision it connected up to your soul star/higher self and to the radiance of sky and divine will. 
  • ~ Practice the “Draw the Bow to shoot the Arrow” posture to affirm goals and boundaries. Then close your practice with “Kwan Yin closing” posture to ground into the heart wisdom.
  • ~ Find an image/model/persona/character that reflects any shadow aspects you’ve identified. Then use your Amazon image/role model from last week (the one in fullness and balance) and envision her/it firmly and clearly embracing those shadow aspects with loving kindness.