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Here are your home task explorations for this week…

With gratitude and warriorship!



  • ~ what do I find most enlivening about the Amazon/Warrior/Huntress?
  • ~ how is Amazon energy manifesting/not manifesting in me now?
  • ~ what is one specific way in which I wish to invite Amazon energy into my life now? 
  • ~ what are my views experiences with: sisterhood? boundaries? goal-orienting? defending causes/others? confidence? independence?



  • ~ Each day, take a moment to sense into all 3 dan tiens (lower, middle, and upper). Notice how they all relate; notice different sensations; notice if one is more activated than others; invite balance through all 3.
  • ~ Practice sword-fist. Use it to affirm your energetic field, your boundaries, and your intentions.
  • ~ Find an image/model/persona that reflects what is most enlivening to you about the Amazon. Remember it doesn’t have to be female, doesn’t even have to be a person necessarily, though it may be helpful to have a human-ish representation to connect to. Place this image in a predominant spot where you can connect to it each day. 



Please be prepared to share with the group ONE of the following:

1. Your Amazon image/role model and why it inspires you.

2. Any one of your reflections from the journalling invitation.