SUNDAYS September 24, 2023


Guelph Youth Dance Studios: 42 Quebec St, Guelph, ON




Axis Syllabus Movement Explorations

This workshop invites all levels of experience and is geared to people who are curious to discover deeper connection and relationship to their bodies in dynamic motion.

There will be some theory, discussions, and investigation with models and with our own bodies. We then bring this into our movement explorations which include floor work, choreographed motifs, improvised scores, and dynamic movement sequencing.

This workshop is for you if you wish to:

– increase knowledge of the body, its parts, and how they move together
– deepen your relationship with your own unique anatomy in order to prevent injury, increase movement longevity, and optimize connection and integrity
– develop a greater understanding of biomechanics and physics to maximize joy everyday movement and in specialized movement fields

More about the Axis Syllabus here: