Women’s Qigong group *FULL

SUNDAYS November 1 - December 6, 2020

4pm - 5:30pm EST

online via Zoom


$120 CAD for the 6-week session
payment accepted via e-transfer or Paypal to: claire.turner.reid@gmail.com


*FULL – please stay tuned for new sessions in 2021.

In this group we will explore more advanced qigong practices pertaining to women’s health and inner cultivation. During this 6-week session, meeting once each week, we will delve into wintertime yin cultivation. This will entail neigong practices such as jing cultivation, Taoist sexual kung fu, qigong breathing techniques & meditations. We will focus on deepening connection to the energy of our sexual/reproductive organs, activating circuits between the ovarian palace, the breasts, uterus, heart, and brain. As we’ll be working with the energy of the female sex organs, this session is intended for people who have or have had these organs (even when they have been removed, we can still work with the energy sphere that remains). This course is for women who already have a solid foundation, understanding, and engagement with Qigong theory and practice and is currently by invitation only. This current session is now FULL. If you are interested in future sessions in 2021, please contact Claire at: claire.turner.reid@gmail.com