WEDNESDAYS March 24 - April 28, 2021

6pm - 7:30pm EST

online via Zoom


$108 CAD for the 6-week session
*no one turned away for lack of funds ~ contact me and we will work something out


Spring Qigong Meditations

In Chinese medicine and philosophy, each changing season relates to specific aspects of our physical, emotional, spiritual being. During this 6-week session Claire will share qigong meditations, movements, and information to support our bodies, minds, and spirits as the springtime energy begins to emerge. This time invites us to honour our need for movement – to juice up our connective tissues after the restful time of winter. Claire will share qigong practices to enliven and move our inner qi so it can best be in alignment with the growing and seeding qi of this fresh new season. As well as practices you learn each class, between classes you will be invited into a reflection and journalling process to deepen your connection with your qi as it pertains to the theories and practices explored in class.

Pre-registration required. Payment accepted via E-transfer or Paypal to: