MONDAYS May 2 - June 13, 2022

GONGFU & BAGUAZHANG ~ 5pm - 6pm QIGONG ~ 6pm - 7pm TAIJIQUAN ~ 7pm - 8pm

Exhibition Park, Guelph, ON


7-week session THREE classes = $210
7-week session TWO classes = $180
7-week session ONE class = $140

Drop-in THREE classes = $35
Drop-in TWO classes = $30
Drop-in ONE class = $25


Kungfu, Qigong, Taijiquan

These classes will accommodate those who are just beginning to explore internal arts as well as those who are wishing to deepen their connection to practice. Choose from the more athletic internal arts or the more meditative – or better yet, sign on for all 3 classes for an ideal balance.

While all practices invite attunement and cultivation of transformative energetic processes, the Qigong class will invite you into the healing and meditative aspects, the Taijiquan class will further guide you into the self-defense and martial aspects, and the Kungfu class will focus on essential foundations for martial arts practice: stances, kicking & punching drills, strength training, cardio, and conditioning.

Cultivate firmness and softness, assertiveness and receptivity, strength and the great art of yielding. Learn to embodied ways to ALLY ourselves WITH and TRANSFORM forces rather than meet forces in resistance. Learn to connect with cosmic energies as well as your own inner power and to cultivate a dialogue between these interconnected forces.

Claire is honoured to share from the Spiritwind Internal Arts lineage from Sigong Chik Mason and Sifu Dylan Kirk. Learn more:

Curious to know more? Contact Claire with any questions. ALL ARE WELCOME.

We will meet in the south-west corner of Exhibition Park.
Please email Claire to register and receive updates regarding inclement weather etc.