WEDNESDAYS May 26 - June 23, 2021

6pm - 7:30pm Eastern

online via Zoom


$108 CAD for the 5-week session
*no one turned away for lack of funds ~ contact me and we will work something out


Qigong Practice

In this new Qigong session, participants will learn the full Yi Jin Jing (Tendon/Ligament Changing Classic) qigong form. This form offers a harder style of qigong, and is attributed to Da Mo (Bodhidharma). It demands rigour and focus in order to nourish and strengthen the deep connective tissues of the body. It involves dynamic postures to invigorate the body and train the mind. This class will be largely practical with some theory interspersed throughout – the main focus being on embodied engagement with the practice.

Pre-registration required.
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