FRIDAYS February 17 - March 31, 2023

10am - 11am

Guelph Youth Dance Studios: 42 Quebec St, Guelph, ON


$200 CAD for 7-week series


Qigong for Support

This Qigong class will offer tools for balancing and recalibrating the body/mind/spirit. We will especially focus on how to rebalance when our work is of a therapeutic nature. For many people who work in fields of healthcare, we need ways to offer support to ourselves as well as to the many clients/patients we serve.

Though this class is geared to people in therapeutic/health fields, it is also open to everyone, especially if you find you:

  • – feel drained after social interactions or long days working
  • – have a high degree of empathy
  • – are environmentally sensitive
  • – often feel fatigued


  • Using Qigong and Chinese Medicine, this class will offer simple and effective tools to reset and rejuvenate. Participants will learn acupressure points for rejuvenating their energy; meridian balancing movements; qigong postures for reinforcing and rebalancing their energy field; meditations and visualizations to calm the mind and heart; and small/simple techniques to assist in recalibrating your energy before and after working with a client/patient.

    Come discover beautiful practices to assist YOU so you can better be of service and shine your light in the world!