WEDNESDAYS February 16 - March 30, 2022

6pm-7:30pm EST

online via Zoom


$165 CAD for the 7-week session
*15% of each registration will be donated directly to The Breakfast Club of Canada


Qigong for Health

In this series, participants will deepen into one of the most important and healing aspects of Qigong: breathing co-ordination. We will embark on a journey of exploring the rich and ancient breathing practices that help nourish and maintain the human body. Because breathing co-ordination is advanced and challenging, it can sometimes be an afterthought in learning Qigong postures and movements. However breathing is the key that can unlock healing transformations. Here, we will bring it to the foreground and unveil the healing wonders that are possible when we cultivate awareness and regulation in our breathing. During this 7-week series, Claire will share breathing techniques and moving meditations that invite deeper connection with this most vital function. Be prepared to discover how qi flow becomes balanced and harmonized with regulated breathing, and the multitudinous health benefits that can follow!