WEDNESDAYS June 29 - August 10, 2022

6pm-7:30pm EST

online via Zoom


$180 CAD for the 7-week session


Qigong for Health

In this series, participants will learn the full Heart Strengthening Qigong Form. This is a relatively short form that works with the energy of the Heart and Pericardium, organs associated with the Fire phase of Summertime. The summer is abundant in yang qi which can feel full, feisty, and fleeting. This series will offer tools for playing with and balancing this yang energy while nourishing the seed of yin that grows within. Drawing from the wisdom of the 5 Phases (Wu Xing) as well as from the great Taoist Classic, the I Ching, we will investigate ways of harmonizing doing and non-doing, seeking and allowing, will and trust, knowledge and mystery. Participants will learn practical tools with their bodies and breath for exploring and inviting internal union of seeming opposites. This 7-week series will benefit both beginners and experienced practitioners, offering various avenues for investigation and connection.