TUESDAYS May 2 - June 27, 2023

6pm-7:15pm EST

online via Zoom


Regular: $250 CAD for 9-week series
Supporter: $300 CAD for 9-week series
Supported: $200 CAD for 9-week series


Qigong for Change

In this series, participants will learn principles and practices associated with the Yi Jin Jing – the Tendon/Ligament Changing Classic. The teachings from this tradition invite the practitioner to deepen awareness through layers of tissues of the body and invite transformation to the body, mind, and spirit. We will explore the principles associated with the Yi Jin Jing as well as the standardized form of 12 postures. These postures feature coiling, uncoiling, and pulsing as an approach for releasing unnecessary tension in order to recruit and enliven deeper layers of connective tissue and promote wholeness and union throughout. Be prepared for embodied practice as well as theory. This 9-week series will benefit both beginners and experienced practitioners, offering various avenues for investigation and connection.

*The class will be recorded each week and the recording made available for 7 days from the live class date.