THURSDAYS October 28 - December 9, 2021

QIGONG ~ 10am - 11am TAIJIQUAN ~ 11am - 12pm

Exhibition Park, Guelph, ON


7-week session ONE class = $130
7-week session BOTH qigong & taijiquan = $210


Qigong and Taijiquan in the Park ~ Guelph

These classes will accommodate those who are just beginning to explore internal arts as well as those who are wishing to deepen their connection to practice. While both practices invite attunement and cultivation of transformative energetic processes, the Qigong class will invite you into the healing and meditative aspects, and the Taijiquan classes will further guide you into the self-defense and martial aspects.

In Qigong we will focus on nourishing both Heart and Kidneys with a warm-up/revisitation of the Heart Strengthening set, and then adding postures from a Kidney nourishing set. Plus, bonus Lung attention for strengthening our protective qi and immune systems.

In Taijiquan we will continue working on the Yang Style form as well as visiting applications and adding an introduction to Tui Shou/”Listening Hands” a foundational 2-person Taijiquan practice. Inviting an ongoing enquiry into embodied ways to ALLY ourselves with and TRANSFORM forces rather than meet forces in resistance.

We will meet in the south-west corner of Exhibition Park.
Please email Claire to register and receive updates regarding inclement weather etc.