Tuesdays May 25, June 1, June 8, 2021

7pm - 8:15pm Eastern

online via Zoom


Sliding Scale
$5 – $20 CAD per class
$15 – $60 CAD for all 3 classes


Dao In Lung Shen

Dao In Lung Shen translates as “Cultivating┬áthe Dragon Spirit”. This beautiful practice evolved from 1650 C.E. and was the result of a meeting between Qigong masters and Kundalini Yoga masters. It might best be described as Taoist Yoga. It is a flow of postures to both release and activate the meridians, calm the mind, and balance all systems in the body.

Please bring a yoga mat and a zafu/cushion for seated meditation.

Sliding scale offering. All are welcome.