FRIDAYS February 17 - March 31, 2023


Guelph Youth Dance Studios: 42 Quebec St, Guelph, ON


Register before February 1st: $200 CAD for 7-week series
Register after February 1st: $225 CAD for 7-week series


Collaborative Pathways

Collaborative Pathways is a Contemporary Dance class inviting all levels of experience. The Axis Syllabus will be used as the foundation for our dancing explorations.

Build fluency with anatomy and biomechanics, play with basic laws of physics, and celebrate the sensuality of making new connections through the body. This particular series will explore CYCLES of MOVEMENT: Landing & Launching; Reception & Propulsion; Lead & Lag; Undulations & Oscillations.
Discover how differentiating parts and phases, can lead to greater connection through the whole.

This class involves floor work, choreographed motifs, improvised scores, and dynamic movement sequencing. Be ready to dive into new coordinations and reinvent old coordinations while discovering pathways for sequential ramping into and out of the floor.

More about the Axis Syllabus here: